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Free file recovery and data recovery software

  • File Recovery 4.0 (freeware)
    A versatile free data recovery programs that can recover files even if the hard drive has been reformatted.

  • PhotoRec Data Recovery 6.11.3 (Mac freeware version)
    PhotoRec Data Recovery (and companion program TestDisk) is a free tool that performs effective data recovery on a Mac.

  • Free Undelete 2.0
    Free Undelete, as the name suggests is a free data recovery program with advanced filter and sorting options.

  • ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools (freeware)
    Data Recovery Software Tools offers a bit more than other file recovery programs that can really help you recover your data from a bad situation such as hardware failure.

  • Smart Recovery 4 (freeware)
    A specialised program that focuses mainly on recovering deleted photos and videos from digital camera memory cards.

  • Recuva 1.4.5
    Perfrom data and file recovery on devices such as hard drives, USB flash keys and external drives with in-depth recovery options for iPods, email software and Office documents.

  • CDCheck 3
    Have you found a CD or DVD showing files damage? Or perhaps you can no longer read a file on an important backup disc? With CDCheck's recovery mode, you can make a deep scan of the disc, recovering your lost files along the way.

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