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File Recovery 4.0 (freeware)

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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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Easily the best and most versatile of the free data recovery programs, File Recovery 4 can scan drives for deleted files - even if the hard drive has been reformatted. It is designed to work with hard drives and external drives, but it can also work its recovery magic on memory cards and USB flash keys. The thing that is crucial with many file recovery techniques is to stop using the PC or other media that has your files - if you continue to use the hard drive, there is a greater chance that you files cannot be recovered.

File Recovery 4 is freeware and can recover a huge range of files from photos, music files and Office documents (eg Excel and Word) right through to system and video files. Files can be recovered - or undeleted - from most common file systems. This covers NTFS (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7), FAT (many memory cards and USB keys), FAT16, FAT32 (older versions of Windows and some drives). What is particularly useful is that data recovery is that File Recovery can scan and locate partitions that may have been deleted or damaged. To download other free/freeware file recovery programs, especially those that are especially designed for DVDs, digital photo recovery and data recovery, see our detailed freeware download list here.


Software: File Recovery 4 (freeware)
I accidentally deleted my iphone photo collection thinking it was the backup. It took a while but file recovery managed to retrieve over 2000 photos.
- dame1dame

Software: File Recovery
This program worked for me. I was so stressed. I had lost some important university files that I needed for my thesis. I thought I lost weeks of work. It took a few minutes to work out this program but I recovered them back. Thanks for the help.
- 65charles

Software: File Recovery 4
I never knew it was possible to undelete files. I was a bit confused by the process at first but thanks for the freeware program and the tutorial. I got my files back and also found some old photos that I thought were gone forever. Mwah.
- TooTuTu

Software: File Recovery 4 free
Thank you so much. When I first discovered I had lost my files, I was quoted a minimum of $200 plus $100 an hour to get them back. But the File Recovery (itís amazing itís free!) took me about an hour and saved me hundreds of dollars.
- P23Peter

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