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ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools (freeware)

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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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When it comes to free data recovery software, sometimes you get a simple program that performs a single, specific function. On occasions, file recovery is not always so straight-forward. That's where Data Recovery Software Tools stands out from other file recovery programs. It can run the usual range of scans to recover lost or deleted data from hard drives, memory cards, USB flash drives, MP3 Players and the like, but it's the extras that can really help you recover your data from a bad situation. This is especially true when the loss of your data is due to temporary hardware failure or data corruption (often a result of hardware failure, or a system crash).

Pulling out the toolbox allows to use the Copy File command which can recover files from disks with physical damage due to propagation of bad sectors on a hard drive. This can be helpful in other situations besides data recovery - some damaged files are impossible to delete or move and repairing the files first can help you delete them without the unhelpful 'File in use' error frequently displayed in these circumstances.Another useful tool in cases of hard drive failure or corruption is the Boot Builder option. This makes it easy to import or export the boot sector of a drive, and possibly repair it if the sector has become corrupted.

All-up, Data Recovery Software Tools gives you more options than most over file recovery programs. Even if you donít need the add-ons, it still does a decent job of undeleting or rescuing your files.

This page: Downlaod the Free Data Recovery Software Tools package from ADRC to undelete, repair and rescue deleted or corrupt files.