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Recuva 1.4.5

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Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8

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What we like about Recuva is that it is much more of a data recovery toolkit than a simple one-trick pony. It can perform data and file recovery on the standard list of devices such as hard drives, USB flash keys and external drives. However, where this freeware recovery software really makes its mark is the additional data recovery options for iPods, email software and Office documents. It supports file recovery of deleted emails from common programs such as Outlook Express, Mozilla's Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail. Accidentally deleted an important email thinking it was junk? Then you may be in luck and be able to recover it.

With deep-scanning features and an extensive list of file support, this software can also perform data recovery on Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint files that have been accidentally or deleted. There is nothing more relieving than undeleting a 10,000 word assignment or presentation that you thought you would never see again. Even better, it can help with file and data recovery on hard drives that have been formatted.

Finally, as any file recovery program will show you, the data you think is deleted is often sitting on the drive. This can present a security risk, so Recuva helps here too. If you are absolutely positive that you donít want a file to remain on a hard drive or device waiting for a snoop to undelete it, then use the erase function to permanently delete files.

This file recovery program is freeware but if it has helped your recover valuable data, undelete important photos or just generally saved your skin, then consider making a donation for its ongoing development.

This page: Download Recuva 1.4 - freeware data recovery program to undelete data and files